Fish Curry or Maasor Tenga?

Find out why I became a new convert to healthy food from the state of Assam in India, despite being an Assamese myself!

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A man remembers his past now that his daughter has grown into a teenager...

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Walk In The Clouds…

Cherrapunji or Sohra, in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya, currently holds the distinction of being the second wettest place, on earth. It's a paradise for nature lovers with unique flora and fauna, native to the region. Add to that, caves, waterfalls and landscaping that's straight out an idyllic Welsh town and clouds that float... Continue Reading →

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Come to Hua Hin?

A quiet beach town where we went to celebrate our first wedding was peaceful and yet not at all boring. Eat, sleep, be a beach bum...repeat!

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My head is split The throbbing never ceases The eyes burn But the thoughts don't stop They keep coming And coming Until its over the threshold And then I close my eyes Breathing in slowly Trying to calm down Trying..just trying... It's never easy Ends

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Where Is Home?

Where is home? A question that never ceases to surprise or pique my curiosity, whenever I think about it. For the vast majority of people who have been brought up and gone to school and married and had children and worked in the same places forever, this question would seem ridiculous. But for people like... Continue Reading →

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Hey there, FATTY!

Since the Fatty Bao restaurant opened in Delhi a little more than three years ago, I have wanted to go there for a meal. But as luck would have it, it just quite didn't happen. In fact, I had been to the Sangam courtyard mall in RK Puram, quite a few times and visited a... Continue Reading →

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That’s Nirvana!

  At first, it was a joke that did the rounds while I was in school, then in college and later when I was a white collared entity working in an upscale city slickers office, minting words for a living. We all wanted to attain nirvana; that perfect state of bliss from which nobody could... Continue Reading →

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I am a lifestyle journalist by profession. I write feature articles on various topics for newspapers, magazines, websites, etc., Contact me at for any kind of content work.

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I Dream About You

A very, very, short story from my first collection of Flash Fiction, published on Juggernaut. It deals with a mother talking about her child who has special needs.

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