My Real Job As A Writer :))

I write.

Now, a lot of people ask me what this means — being a writer. What does it achieve? I think they feel that everybody writes since most people know how to write in the English language 🙂

At this, ahem, I have to clear the air and say, it’s great that everybody writes. The more, the merrier! But I don’t just write when the whim strikes or when I have time; its definitely not a hobby.

I write because its the only thing that’s equivalent to breathing for me and the only thing I have been trained for.

Working rigorously with expert editors/journalists in the national media, who honed me in the initial years’ of my career as a lifestyle journalist has brought me where I am today.

I write because its my job, my career and my passion.

And whether I work fulltime or go independent, as I am currently, it is the one thing that’s constant in my life.

This blog was started almost seven years ago, but because I was very busy doing a lot of freelance projects, I could not give it enough time.

Now, I hope to blog more regularly on all the topics that I find interesting and hopefully, you will, too.

And writing isn’t about making lots of money or trying to impress people, it’s simply a creative outlet. That’s what I do.

On the side, if it manages to pay my bills, that’s the cherry on the icing.

So, connect with me if you are looking for quality content work or simply to derive pleasure out of sharing myriad interests and opinions on almost everything under the sun.

It’s fun and it’s my passion. Keep reading! add another page.